Latest Inventory Update


2020, to say the least, was a challenging year for everyone.  The current COVID pandemic precautions, in conjunction with the unprecedented interest in firearms has required us to make some adjustments to the way we’ve been able to assist our customers.  In cooperation with Culver City health orders, and out of great concern for the health and well-being of our customers and staff, we will be operating by appointment only until further notice.

The recent increase in Firearm(s) purchases has resulted in market conditions and inventory difficulties which have significantly added to the operational challenges.  With this in mind, we suggest that the first step in your purchasing process should to be finding you a gun for to purchase from our available inventory and then securing a deposit to hold it, as this will insure that you actually have a firearm available when you come in to complete the application.  Please keep in mind that it’s our policy to only take deposits on guns that we have in stock and can promise.  So if you’re leaving a deposit, AVAILABILITY of that firearm IS GUARANTEED.

Please read through the following, which will explain the process of purchasing and how we’re currently operating.  We feel that this is the safest and least stressful way to purchase under the current conditions.

Note: Please make sure to include a PHONE NUMBER with any response, if you don’t, then we can’t get hold of you

In the current market, it’s a really difficult to shop for any specific firearm. Inventory shortages are the most pressing concern right now, as most manufacturers are heavily back-ordered and are generally unable to keep up with demand.   That being said, we do have a good variety of firearms and ammunition currently available and we’re working hard to keep fresh inventory flowing.  Now more than ever, your best bet is to choose a firearm from available inventory, please read below for a few examples of what we can actually promise you at this moment:

Featured Pistols:



  • Beretta PX4 9mm $599.99
    • The Beretta PX4 Type-F features a polymer grip frame with a traditional Double/Single-action design with a de-cocking safety.   Lock-up is provided by an advanced rotating barrel set-up that results in a smooth but rock-solid action.  Ergonomically, the PX4 features a frame that comes with multiple back-strap sections, allowing the shooter to modify their grip so it better fits their hand.   This double action pistol, with its positive de-cocking mechanism can provide peace of mind for those shooters that prefer a manual safety.   Includes 2-10rd magazines.  
  • Beretta PX4 type G 9mm $599.99
    • The Beretta PX4 Type-G shares all the features of the Type-F above, except that the selector acts as a de-cocking lever only.  The “G” types are popular with those that prefer not to have a manual safety.

Czech (CZ-USA) service pistols.  It’s hard to beat these Czech made pistols for toughness and reliability, along with outstanding ergonomics.

  • Czech CZ75D-PCR COMPACT (01194) 9mm Luger: $749.00: we have a limited quantity of these popular compact pistols.   These feature a compact alloy frame and de-cocking lever.
  • Czech CZ75 P01 COMPACT (01199) 9mm Luger: $799.00: we have a limited quantity of these popular compact pistols.   These feature a compact alloy frame with accessory rail and de-cocking lever.
  • Czech CZ75B 9mm (01102) $699.00 ** FEATURED PISTOL **
  • Czech CZ75BD 9mm (01130) 9mm w/de-cocker $729.00
  • Czech CZ75C 9mm COMPACT (01190) $739.00
  • Czech CZ97B 45acp  (01401) $839.00

Springfield Armory XD series pistols: We have Springfield XD-9’s!  The XD-9 represents one of the best choice for someone that’s looking for a very reliable and easy to operate semi-auto pistol.  The XD series have traditionally been one of our best-selling firearms and we currently have them in the following variations:

We have the following pistols in extremely limited quantity: 

  • Kimber Custom II 1911 style pistol .45acp $904.00
  • Kahr Arms CW9 9mm compact pistol with Stainless Steel Slide & Polymer Frame CW9093 $483.00
  • Beretta PX4 type F 9mm $599.99
  • Beretta PX4 type G 9mm $599.99
  • Beretta 92FS 9mm, USA made (J92F300CA) $699.00
  • Heckler & Koch HK USP Compact 9mm $1019.00
  • Heckler & Koch HK USP Compact 45acp $1099.00
  • Heckler & Koch HK USP FULL SIZE 9mm $999.99
  • Heckler & Koch HK USP ELITE .45acp $1199.00
  • Smith & Wesson SD40VE .40S&W semi-auto pistol with Hi-Vis sights (11908) $429.00
  • Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm, with Hi-Vis sight (11905) $505.00

High-End 1911’s: (ALL NEW ARRIVALS!) 

We have the following custom quality 1911 pistols available from the top makers in the country: 

  • Wilson Combat PROFESSIONAL (WPMAASCA) $3115.00
  • Wilson Combat PROTECTOR (WSGP) $3285.00
  • Wilson Combat TACTICAL ELITE (WTEAACA) $3905.00
  • Wilson Combat CQB w/Light Rail (CQBLRCA) $3170.00
    For more info on Wilson’s CA offerings, please check out their “CA Models” page: 
  • Nighthawk Custom T2 (Talon-2) $3749.00.  The Talon-2 is Nighthawk’s “Commander” sized pistol, featuring a 4.25-inch barrel and Full-Size grip-frame.
    For more info on Nighthawk’s CA approved models, please check out this page: 
  • Les Baer PREMIER-II .45acp pistol.  5-inch barrel, 30-lpi checking, adjustable sights, Blue-Steel finish $2289.00
  • Les Baer Custom Carry .45acp pistol.  5-inch barrel, 30-lpi checking, Fixed Night-Sights, Blue-Steel finish $2255.00
    For more info on the Premier-II, please check out the Les Baer page: 
  • CZ/Dan Wesson POINTMAN SEVEN .45acp pistol featuring a Stainless steel finish $1599.99

High Demand Firearm AUCTIONS:  We occasionally receive limited quantities of extremely hard to source/high demand firearms. Nationwide shortages have created very intense demand for certain firearms. We are currently offering these high demand items through our online auction portal on Gunbroker.  While we are allowing the market to set the price, keep in mind that if you are able to win one of these auctions, you will be able to complete the transaction here (saving the shipping and transfers costs that non-local buyers will incur).   Please follow the link below to view what we currently have available:

In revolvers, we have an EXTREMELY limited selection of the following:

  • Kimber K6S “DASA” 2-inch 357mag (NEW!) The DASA features a hammer spur and traditional double-action operation $1029.00
  • Smith & Wesson S&W model 640-3 5-shot .357 magnum 2-1/8-in, compact, hammerless, stainless steel revolver (163690) for $755.00
  • Smith & Wesson S&W 10-14 4-in, 6-shot full-size .38 Special revolver (150786) for $772.00
  • Smith & Wesson  S&W model 64-8 .38spl 4-inch barrel (162506A) $693.00
  • Smith & Wesson model 637 “air-weight” 5-SHOT with exposed hammer .38SPL $497.00
  • Smith & Wesson model 642 “air-weight” 5-SHOT .38SPL $497.00
  • Smith & Wesson model 642-1 PRO-SERIES 5-SHOT .38SPL $531.00
  • Smith & Wesson model 642-2 “CTC LASER GRIP” “air-weight centennial  (163811) 5-SHOT .38SPL  $724.00
  • Smith & Wesson model 638 air-weight  5-SHOT  (163070) .38SPL  $497.00
  • Smith & Wesson model 686-6 PLUS 5-inch .357 magnum revolver (11760) $1006.00
  • Smith & Wesson model 629-6 .44 Magnum 5-inch (163636) $1009.00

We’ve been receiving some inquiries about .22LR handguns.   Right now, we can offer the following:

  • Walter P22 3.42-inch 22LR available in either Nickle or Flat Dark Earth $369.00 
  • Walter P22 5-inch Target 22LR available in Nickle $449.00 
  • Smith & Wesson model 41’s.  The 41 has been the preeminent target 22 for over half a decade, if maximum accuracy and performance are what you’re looking for, these are a great choice.  5-1/2-inch $1369.99,  5-1/2-inch PERFORMANCE CENTER (150786) model $1575.00
  • Kimber 1911 Rimfire Target $820.00
  • BROWNING Buckmark URX 7.25-inch “light grey” $569.99 

There may also occasionally be a smattering of other pistols available, particularly used guns that are difficult to individually list, so it doesn’t hurt to ask. 

AR-15 LOWERS:   APF Billet AR-15 lowers $199.95:  We just got in a shipment of stripped AR15 lowers from Alex Pro Firearms (APF). These Billet lowers are machined out of 6061-T6 aluminum and feature an enhanced (integral) trigger guard , beveled magazine well and the ability to accept an upper/lower tension screw.  The build quality on these appears to be top-notch.   We have them available for $199.95 with no limits on purchase quantity (keep in mind that you can DROS multiple lowers under the same DROS fee).  AR-15 lowers have been nearly impossible to get during this rush, and we don’t expect availability to improve much once the incoming administration begins its anticipated assault on gun-ownership.  The time to stock up is now! 

Semi-Auto Rifles:  ALL semi-auto rifles are really hard to source right now, here is what I can actually promise right now.

  • Kalashnikov-USA KALI-9 9mm Carbine $1359.99:
    The Kali-9 is based on the Russian Vityaz-SN submachine gun renowned for its use by Russian armed services and police. This rifle features a compliant fin grip, along with a thumb rest for increased comfort and a locked Vityaz style triangle stock. It is fitted with a simulated suppressor which goes over the 16.33” barrel to give your rifle that SBR look.
  • Springfield Armory Saint Victor STV916556BCA .223/5.56mm semi-auto “featureless” rifles $1199.99
  • Springfield Armory M1A Scout .308 rifle with synthetic stock and 18-inch barrel $1879.00
  • Smith & Wesson M&P Sport-II (12001) .223/5.56mm $779.00
  • Smith & Wesson M&P Sport-II (12055) OPTICS READY .223/5.56mm $756.00
  • Just-Right Carbine 9mm, JRC9CAG3-TB/BL with 13-inch MLOK fore-end… takes Glock Magazines! $699.00
  • Kel-Tec Sub2K 9mm Carbine $639.99! These are ultra-lightweight, handy little carbines that fold down into a convenient size, perfect for backpacking or storage in tight areas.  Uses the popular Glock 9mm magazines!
  • Kel-Tec Sub2K 9mm Carbine $729.99 FLAT-DARK-EARTH! These are ultra-lightweight, handy little carbines that fold down into a convenient size, perfect for backpacking or storage in tight areas.  Uses the popular Glock 9mm magazines!

Shotgun inventory: We have LIMITED inventory on the following shotguns:  (if you’re concerned about being able to source defensive 12ga BUCKSHOT ammunition, we can currently guarantee you at least 2-boxes (25rds per box) of Estate 12ga 00 Buck-Shot @ $34.99ea. with the purchase of any of the 12ga shotguns listed below)


  • Benelli Semi-Auto M2-Tactical (11052) 18-1/2-inch Pistol Grip with GR sights $1449.99
  • Beretta 1301 Tactical (J131T18NLE) 18-1/2-inch semi-auto 12ga shotgun $1299.99
  • Beretta 1301 Tactical (J131T18F) 18-1/2-inch flat dark earth semi-auto 12ga shotgun $1339.99
  • CZ 712-Utility shotgun $529.99  These are 12ga semi-auto shotguns with a 20-inch barrel and black synthetic furniture. We will also be getting some Carlson’s magazine extensions for these that will up the capacity to 7 in the tube.
  • Mossberg SA-20 20ga semi-auto shotgun in Mossy Oak, 22-inch barrel.  $599.00
  • Mossberg SA-20 20ga semi-auto shotgun “Tactical Cruiser” 20-inch barrel.  $549.00
  • TYPHOON Defense F12 PUMA 12-ga California Compliant semi-auto shotgun $999.99! We have them in both the CLASSIC and GREY SPORT version. They feature a 5rd fixed magazine (Mag-Lock style)


  • ATA Arms, ET-09 12ga pump action 20-inch barrel shotgun $349.00
  • ATA Arms, ET-10 12ga pump action 20-inch barrel shotgun (tactical stock) $409.00 Nova (20051) 18-1/2-inch with GR sights $449.00
  • Benelli Nova 12ga pump shotgun (20051) $449.00
  • Benelli SUPER-Nova 12ga pump shotgun (20160) $549.00
  • Benelli Nova 12ga pump shotgun (20001) 28-inch barrel in DRT camo with Carlson’s 18-inch barrel $818.99 ($539.00 for the shotgun and $279.99 for the barrel).  If you’re looking for a dual purpose shotgun, this Nova along with the Carlson’s barrel will give you a great defensive shotgun as well as a top-notch field gun!
  • BLACKWATER Sentry-12’s $899.99.  These are a really well built and intelligently designed tactical 12ga pump shotgun that handles like a dream and features great ergonomics.  It’s only 6-1/2lbs and 36-inches overall, with a 12-inch length of pull that makes it feel much handier than any other shotgun of its type.
  • Dickinson Commando XX3BS 12ga PUMP SHOTGUN with 18 and 28-inch barrels!  Perfect combination gun! $309.00
  • FABARM STF-12 tactical pump shotguns, these are very high-quality and feature-packed. These will run in the mid $1259.99 for Black and $1349.99 for Flat Dark Earth CeraKote finish.
  • Savage Model 320 12ga pump action shotgun $299.99 (19485) “pistol-grip buttstock”
  • Winchester SXP-Defender 12ga pump shotgun (512252395) $449.99
  • Stoeger P3000 12ga  18” 5 Shot (31893) Fixed stock with pistol griop.  $359.00
  • Stoeger P3000 Supreme 12ga  18” 7+1 Shot (96185) Folding stock.  $469.00


Byrna HD Kinetic Launcher Kit: 

The Byrna Kinetic Launcher fires a .68-caliber solid plastic projectile (loading from a 5rd magazine) at over 300fps.   The Byrna HD (Home Defense) is an incredibly powerful and effective non-lethal self-defense weapon that is very easy to use.  It’s powered by an 8-gram compressed air (CO2) cartridge and shoots .68 caliber round kinetic projectiles that can be quite effective.   We also have spare projectiles and CO2 cartridges available for purchase.   These kits are available in Black, Orange or Yellow for $339.00  

If any of these are of interest and you’d like to set up a phone order and deposit, please respond with a good phone number and we’ll have an associate reach out.


Special Orders:  Please understand that with very few exceptions, if a hard to find or highly sought after firearm was “orderable”, we would already have it in stock or on the way.  Unfortunately, manufacturers are struggling (and failing) to keep up with demand, some major manufacturers have even stopped taking orders for this calendar year.  If you’re looking to “order” a mainstream defensive type firearm, you’ll most likely be disappointed.  If you’re after a “sporting” gun, there may be a chance, but to be honest, even sporting firearm inventory is hit pretty hard.  Please ask for specific availability.   Please email any specific questions to

CA Compliance: We often receive inquiries as to whether we carry or can source many of the current offerings from companies like Glock/Sig/H&K.  While many of these firearms receive all the media attention, we can only offer for sale handguns which are “certified for sale” by the State of California. Generally speaking, if a handgun was introduced after 2013 (when the micro-stamping edict was imposed by then Attorney General Harris) it’s unlikely to be available in CA. You can review the list of certified handguns by following this link:

AMMO SALES:   We apologize for the inconvenience, but the current conditions have resulted in severe ammunition shortages and greatly impacted manufacturer’s ability to meet demand.  At this juncture, we are reserving all available stocks to satisfy the needs of people who are picking up guns.

How to purchase:   Please respond with a good phone number so we can reach out and assist you in setting up your purchase.

Please keep in mind that under the current COVID PANDEMIC protocols, and per our agreement with the City of Culver City, we’re currently operating by “appointment” only, with strict social distancing standards and significantly reduced occupancy.  With the overwhelming demand for firearms, we have been forced to make tough decisions regarding the types of transactions which we have the physical capacity to schedule and complete.  In addition, due to the constraints imposed by the social distancing standards that we’re required to observe, it is not feasible to give our customers full access to the sales floor, which makes traditional “shopping” virtually impossible. It is highly suggested that you contact us either through email or over the phone in order to try to reach a decision prior to arriving for your appointment. This will make the most out of your visit and significantly streamline your transaction.

Procedural notes:

FSC Certificate (Firearms Safety Certificate): If this is your first firearm, you will likely need to begin by taking your Firearms Safety Certificate test and then submitting your background check application (also called a DROS).  If you’re taking the test for your Firearms Safety Certificate, the study guide can be downloaded at    Note: The FSC test can be completed at the time of your DROS appointment, there is no need to schedule a separate appointment and we are not currently booking appointments for “test only”.  Cost for the FSC test is $25.

Required documents:

  1. You will need a valid CA Driver’s License or DMV issued Identification card (no exceptions).
    1. If your ID has “federal limits apply” on it (please look at the top right corner of your ID for verification), you will also need your certified copy of your birth certificate or passport.
    2. If the address on your ID does not reflect your current residential address, you will need to provide a Government issued document with your name and current address reflected on it
    3. If you are purchasing a handgun, you will need to provide “Proof of Residence”, usually in the form of a Utility Bill, Vehicle Registration, Trust Deed or a Rental/Lease agreement.
    4. If you are here on a Permanent Resident status, please bring your Permanent Residency Card with you as it is required in order to process the application.
    5. Non-Resident Aliens, make sure to bring a current Hunting License along with a copy of your Visa and I-94.


Waiting period: Every firearm purchase requires a separate application and back-ground check, which is a minimum of 10-days. Waiting periods apply even if you recently purchased a firearm.

Remember, all paperwork is “gun specific”.  This means that you will need to actually “purchase” the firearm before submitting any paperwork. After submitting the paperwork, there will be a waiting period that will last anywhere from 10-16 days (or until approved).

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