Dear Valued Customers,

2020, to say the least, has been a trying year for everyone.  The COVID-19 pandemic, with its necessary precautions has certainly  created some operational challenges for us, which in conjunction with the unprecedented interest in firearms has required us to make some adjustments to the way we’re able to assist customers.   During these times, the safety of our customers and staff is our first consideration.   In compliance with the current Los Angeles County Health Department protocols, and per our agreement with the City of Culver City, we’re currently operating by appointment only with strict social distancing standards and significantly reduced occupancy limits observed.  Our hours of operation during this time are 9:30-6:00pm, 7-days a week.  All customers entering the store must WEAR A FACIAL COVERING (in accordance with Los Angeles County Health Department guidelines).  All individuals entering the premises will be scanned for a fever, through the use of a no-contact thermometer.  If you are felling sick, have a fever or are experiencing any Flu-Like symptoms, we respectfully ask that you stay home and take care of yourself.

If you are interested in purchasing a firearm, taking into account the current market conditions and inventory difficulties that the industry has experienced this year, the first step in the process should be finding and securing firearm for you to purchase from our available inventory.  This will insure that you actually have a firearm available when you come in to complete the application.  Please keep in mind that it’s our policy to only take deposits on guns that we have in stock and can promise.  So if you’re leaving a deposit, AVAILABILITY IS GUARANTEED.  In light of the current market as well as the necessary COVID precautions, it really makes the most sense to do your shopping prior to coming in.  We can assist you in making your choices through email and over the phone.   Please email us at for an up to date inventory list of what we have available in popular firearms.

Due to the COVID-19 protocols that we’re required to observe, it is not possible to give our customers full access to the sales floor. This makes traditional “shopping” visits somewhat challenging, but we can certainly have an associate show you some of our available firearms during your visit.  Please note, if you see a firearm on our list of available items that appeals to you, the safest bet is always to leave a deposit, which will guarantee that this particular firearm will be available for you when you visit us.  If you find a different firearm that you’d prefer, it’s always possible to change your choice, as long as paperwork (DROS) hasn’t been submitted.

The phones can be pretty difficult to get through on at times, but always feel free to email us with any questions ( ).  An associate will contact you as soon as possible to answer your questions and help guide you though the process.

Thank you for your understanding and support during these unprecedented times.

MBR, Inc.

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