Dear Valued Customers,

The last 1-1/2 years have certainly been interesting. The COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, in conjunction with the unprecedented interest in firearms created some significant operational challenges and required us to make some adjustments to how we’ve been able to assist customers. As we all turn the corner on the pandemic we begin to transition to a more normal daily life, we’d like to update our customer base on how we are currently operating.

We are currently open for a limited amount of walk-in (non-appointment) shopping currently.  This means that you’re more than welcome to swing by and take a look at what we have available.  We do however, ask that you read below for a more complete description on how we are operating:

Walk-in v. Appointment shopping:
Due to our current customer backlog as well as staffing challenges which limit the number of customers that we can process daily, we are generally operating by appointment only for the submission of any application to purchase a firearm (DROS).  This was a difficult decision to reach, but ultimately we are forced to accept the fact that we are only capable of processing a limited amount of transactions utilizing the resources available to us. If you’re looking for a specific firearm, the safest bet is always to leave a deposit on that particular firearm is it’s currently available and make an appointment to complete the DROS and submit your purchase application.

Shopping conditions:
You must wear a mask or other appropriate facial covering unless you are FULLY VACCINATED.
Out of respect for other customers, we ask that you maintain proper social distancing from other customers (6-ft of separation)

  • Due to staffing and appointment back-log constraints:
    • Customer occupancy will be limited to no more than 10-people
    • We are operating by appointment only for the submission of any application to purchase a firearm (DROS).
    • We are operating by appointment only for the completion of any firearm purchase (Pick-Up).
    • This means that we will more than likely not be able to complete a DROS application process at the time of your visit. If you find something that you like, you can put a deposit on it and we will schedule an appointment to return and complete the appointment process.
  • Ammo sales: At this juncture, in light of the current market conditions and the friction involved in the sale of ammunition, with some specific exceptions, we are generally reserving our remaining available inventory of ammunition for customers that are picking up firearms.

Facial Coverings/Social Distancing:
If you are FULLY VACCINATED, you may enter the store without a facial covering. If you are not VACCINATED, you must wear a facial covering.   We ask that out of respect for varied individual COVID-19 concerns, all customers continue to observe the accepted social distancing standard of 6-ft of separation.

Phone/Email Orders:
If you are interested in purchasing a firearm, taking into account the current market conditions and inventory difficulties that the industry has experienced this year, the first step in the process should be finding firearm for you to purchase from our available inventory (see link above) and .  This will insure that you actually have a firearm available when you come in to complete the application. 

Please keep in mind that it’s our policy to only take deposits on guns that we have in stock and can promise.  So if you’re leaving a deposit, AVAILABILITY IS GUARANTEED.  In light of the current market it really makes the most sense to do your shopping prior to coming in.  We can assist you in making your choices through email and over the phone.   Please email us at [email protected] with your contact number and we will have an associate reach out.

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