It’s with a heavy heart that we are announcing the retirement of our owners and the cessation of our business activities at Martin B. Retting, Inc.  This is not a liquidation, clearance or distress sale associated with any financial difficulties, it is merely what it is at face value, their retirement.  (Status Update as of 09-01-2023: We are still open Mon-Fri for very limited operations, mostly the sale of bulk ammo and some accessories.  We have some great prices on BULK ammo, so please feel free to swing by!  Please make sure to call ahead if you haven’t bought ammo for a while, so we can make sure you bring all the docs required. Lastly, please excuse our dust as we work hard to draw down over 65-years of business)

Please follow this link for the full announcement

Letter to our Customers

Note: we will continue to purchase used firearms as long as we’re here, so feel free to bring in your single gun or entire collection.  Cash Paid for used firearms.